We believe that weddings should be simple!  Many times couples get so caught up in the wedding planning details. A wedding should be a celebration of love, not a performance. If at the end of the day, you are married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly!

Here is what a simple wedding means to us.

  • Keeping it small – Invite guests that really mean something to the two of you.  Who are those people that you really want at your wedding?  Don’t invite guests just because you feel like you need to, invite guests who are happy and excited for you to get married. I always say – invite those people who took the time to call or text you on your birthday.
  • Selecting a beautiful backdrop – When you choose a location that is already beautiful, there is no need for fancy decorations.  Start with the bright blue ocean, add in the white sand, then maybe the cliffs and tide pools and you have a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day.  Other favorite locations would be the winery with green vines, rolling hills in the background and oak trees.  Or stand under an ocean front gazebo with panoramic views of the Pacific.  When you have a beautiful backdrop, you don’t need a lot of extra decorations – add an arch, or flowers for an extra pop of colors. Just remember to keep it simple.
  • Choosing an all inclusive package – All inclusive packages mean they have everything that you need for your wedding ceremony. All of our simple packages include the location, the officiant to marry you,  bridal bouquet and photography.  We also have other packages that include a few more details.  Having all the details of the package mean you talk to one person to plan your whole wedding!  Otherwise,  you’d need to talk to the wedding planner, venue, officiant, photographer, florist, and probably a few other people.  You talk to me, the wedding planner, about your wedding details and then I meet with my team to go over the details.
  • Not waiting to get married –  Plan your wedding in 2 weeks – 10 months.  Why wait when you are in love!  I don’t feel you have to have a lot of time to plan a wedding. The more time you have the more decisions you have to make.
  • Focusing on what is important – Between the two of you, make a list of the top 3 things that are important to your wedding day. For example, maybe your fiancé really wants you two to read your own vows, and you might want a  party like reception for your guests and a beautiful bouquet. The ceremony, reception atmosphere, and bridal bouquet might be the 3 things that are important to you both.   Then, those top 3 things can be the details that you two focus on and have with. Read here for how to choose what is important to your wedding day.
  • Staying away from Pinterest –   Ok, maybe not stay away from it, but take a quick glance at it every now and then.  Read here about why I really don’t like Pinterest.
  • Not breaking the bank – A simple wedding is most likely a budget friendly wedding. This means you can have more money for a honeymoon or more money for things once you more in together. It also means you don’t have to start off your marriage with debt from a large wedding.
  • Having fun – A simple wedding shouldn’t be stressful. It should be one that is fun for you and your fiancé.  By choosing an all inclusive wedding and having a wedding planner, the stress should be taken away from you.  I focus on the planning parts so you can do the fun things like find your dress and plan your honeymoon.
  • Staying away from Pinterest – Ok, maybe not stay away from it, but take a quick glance at it every now and then.  Pinterest can get very overwhelming!