Simple Beach Wedding

By July 15, 2016January 20th, 20173. Our Happy Couples, Blog

Simple Beach Wedding – I knew from the first time I was contacted the couple they just wanted a simple wedding – really to pledge their love for each other in front of close family and friends. I sure wish sometimes, couples really sit back and think what their wedding day is about. It is not about putting on a show for people, or seeing how much money they can spend, it REALLY  is about LOVE and committing to that person in front of family and friends.  And to top off this simple beach wedding, I LOVE how the couple kept their shades on for the ceremony!  Perfect beach touch. 

For this simple beach wedding, this happy couple was surrounded by love in the form of their family members.  They had travelled from the California central valley, where the temperatures were in the 100s, to the central coast, with 70 ° temperatures, a cool ocean breeze, white-capped waves, and a gentle sun to warm the day. 

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and they were all wearing BLUE!  What a fun way to coordinate this wedding.  In fact, the bride even wore a blue and white dress and her bouquet of white flowers was tied with blue satin ribbon. 

To complete the beachy theme, our bride even had a petite starfish necklace – in blue, of course.  It was the ‘something new’ that she had purchased for her special day.

This couple joined not only the mutual affection and love that they share, but also their hopes, dreams, and promises for their future together.  But, more importantly, for this small toes in the sand beach wedding, the couple also joined their two families together – the bride’s three children and the groom’s two children

The couple wanted to make sure that their children were included in the ceremony so that the children would know how important they are to the couple.   So, the minister included a blessing for the blended family, asking God’s protection over the blended family. 

After the groom kissed his bride, the couple had pictures with their family and then some pictures of just the two of them, before heading up the stairs.  I loved the huge smile that the groom wore as soon as he had kissed his bride.  Happiness circled around this family on this special day!

Our wish at Coastal California Weddings is that God continues to watch over and protect this couple and their children, helping them to create a happy, warm, and loving home for God, their children, family and friends – and their animals.  We hope that they share many more happy moments together and that they always remember the vows they promised to each other during their small toes in the sand beach wedding.  Best wishes! 

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