The good, the bad, the ugly of Pinterest 

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The good, the bad, the ugly of Pinterest

The other day, a groom asked me if Pinterest has made my job easier or harder. This was a tough one to answer since his bride gave me a board full of pictures she loved and wanted to double check that we could get all those photos.

I recently heard a fellow photographer say Pinterest is someone else’s adventure, find your own unique style and don’t be a copy cat. With that said, it’s great to get ideas, but in reality it’s pretty hard to duplicate something 100% And, wouldn’t you want something that is your own, not borrowed from another bride’s wedding?

The good

  • It has some good ideas
  • It’s s nice way to visually show some something
  • It’s great for getting an overall vision for something
  • I do adore their bouquets

The bad

  • It has way too many ideas
  • Sometimes you don’t find what you are looking for
  • It can be very overwhelming
  • Sometimes I’ll search for too long to find that one thing and realize the idea in my head does not existing on Pinterest
  • It’s a little fake – staged weddings that aren’t real couples

The ugly

  • I wish it gave you a price tag
  • It’s sometimes non realistic – not really “real” and the photos are staged. That means they aren’t of real bride’s and groom’s, only models.
  • Bouquets should only be used for inspiration! Some flowers are fake, some are fresh from the florist’s fridge, some flowers are grown out of the county so the blooms are different sizes or colors, and some flowers are seasonal.
  • Pinterest obsession could happen and you’d need to take a time out.

How to use Pinterest

  • Limit yourself – learn to say no to Pinterest or cut off the amount of time you spend on the site.
  • Create a board of your likes – boards are nice for sharing inspiration or ideas with others. Many times I will look at Pinterest boards from bride’s to determine their overall style or colors.
  • Go through those likes every month and delete what you don’t like or repin to a fresh new board.
  • Come up with your own ideas – get inspiration from other things like nature, or go to some local stores you like and take photos of what inspires you.
  • Be original and creative – be you and find your own style! Think outside the box and try something new. I always love when couples take pieces of who they are and add it to the wedding. As a bride, you don’t have to wear white. Maybe a pretty dress that makes you feel special. Or even celebrating your wedding with a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day with accents of green or Cinco de Mayo with bright colors.

The good, the bad, the ugly of Pinterest