Afternoon Elopement in Avila Beach

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For this afternoon elopement in Avila Beach, the groom wore a white shirt (barefoot, of course) and the bride wore a beautiful ivory lace dress, with a long train and lacing in the back.  She carried a bouquet of pink roses as she and her groom headed down to the beach, hand in hand.

The groom had always wanted to get married in Avila Beach. He had memories of the town since he was a kid and would come to visit from the Valley.

As the ceremony began, a few onlookers gathered on the cliff above to witness the ceremony.  Naturally, they lingered until the couple was pronounced husband and wife and the groom kissed his bride.  Then, all the onlookers and the beachgoers enjoying a day in the sand, began to clap and cheer.  All were joining in the festive moment. 

Someday this couple will have a story to tell their children.  You see, we received a call from the groom shortly before the wedding.  He and his bride were stuck in traffic.  There was an accident that had closed the road and they were re-routed.  They had to retrace their steps and take a different route to the coast.  But, they made it in time for their wedding, even if it was a little late.  But, as the saying goes, better late than never. 

After the ceremony, with the sun overhead, and a stray dog joining in, the couple had pictures taken on the beach, with moss-covered rocks in the background.  Such a happy couple, and such a pretty setting for this summer afternoon elopement in Avila Beach. 

*To get married in Avila Beach you need a beach permit.

Avila Beach is a quiet little destination for a beach wedding.  One of my favorite spots was this cove that is away from the main section of the beach.  When the tide is right, it creates a nice backdrop with the rocks and the boats.  Avila Beach is between Pismo Beach and Morro Bay.  The town was rebuilt about 15 years ago and has more of a coastal charm to it. There are a few local places to have fish and chips – my favorite lunch spot is MerSeas ( located at the end of the far pier.  You can enjoy eating out on the patio and watch the sea lions play in the ocean.

Other activities in Avila include:

  • Wine tasting
  • Paddle boarding
  • Apple farms – during Fall time
  • Walk on the beach
  • Great beaches for kids since the waves are not too big
  • Visit the Lighthouse
  • Get married!!

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